How Exhaust Systems Are Designed


You may realise that your car's exhaust system helps to expel treated emissions created during the engine's combustion process. However, did you realise that it is composed of many different sections, each one of which has a crucial part to play in expelling these gases? Just how complex is this whole procedure? Modern Day Exhausts Many years ago, auto manufacturers designed their exhaust systems to be as efficient as possible in simply expelling the gases created when the fuel is burned.

14 April 2018

How to Restore the Look of Your Car's Interior


If your car runs well and looks good on the outside, but has a rundown and worn interior, you don't need to sell that vehicle and get a new one to enjoy your commute once again. Restoring the car's interior can mean a clean and fresh space that looks good and that is more comfortable, and even more enjoyable, while you're driving. Note a few tips on how to restore the look of your car's interior, no matter its age and overall condition.

15 December 2017

Camping Trailer Hitch: Your Burning Questions Answered!


Did you know that you can't use your trailer without a hitch? The hitch provides the mechanism for attaching the trailer to your vehicle, enabling you to tow it from one place to another. Essentially, your vehicle has a tow bar with a ball that connects to a socket at the end of a trailer. The term hitch thus refers to the entire towing system comprising the socket, arm, ball and tow bar.

14 April 2017

Changing Boats? You May Need To Change Some Trailer Parts As Well


If you just changed boats and still want to use the same trailer for transportation, you might need to carry out some adjustments first. This is important to ensure your safety, that of the boat, as well as the safety of other road users. Since every boat trailer is designed to handle a specific boat type, changing your boat will definitely require some alterations to your trailer too. Read on to see what parts you may need to purchase and adjust.

20 July 2015

Why Buy Custom Seat Covers for Your Car? The Answers May Surprise You


Custom seat covers for a car or truck are not just about your vehicle's overall appearance. They can actually protect your vehicle in ways you may not have considered, and even protect you. If you've never thought about getting custom seat covers for your car or your truck, you might note a few advantages and benefits they can offer: 1. Comfort and temperature When the temperature gets very warm or cold outside, nothing is more uncomfortable than having to peel your skin off of a dark car seat, or slide into a very cold car and sit on what feels like a block of ice while you wait for the car to warm up.

3 June 2015

Smartphone Stereo: How to Make the Most of the Music on Your Phone While Driving


Do you remember your very first mobile phone? Depending on how old you are, your first mobile might have been the size and weight of a brick, or it might have been a comparatively sleek little model that had an actual camera in it! Remember how revolutionary that used to be? Some 57% of the Australian population now own a smartphone, but these amazing little devices are so much more than something to make phone calls.

23 April 2015