Why Buy Custom Seat Covers for Your Car? The Answers May Surprise You


Custom seat covers for a car or truck are not just about your vehicle's overall appearance. They can actually protect your vehicle in ways you may not have considered, and even protect you. If you've never thought about getting custom seat covers for your car or your truck, you might note a few advantages and benefits they can offer:

1. Comfort and temperature

When the temperature gets very warm or cold outside, nothing is more uncomfortable than having to peel your skin off of a dark car seat, or slide into a very cold car and sit on what feels like a block of ice while you wait for the car to warm up. A custom seat cover in a different color can be used just for extremes in weather; you can switch to the lighter, cooler cover in summer and darker, warmer cover in winter for added comfort.

This might even be beneficial for your health and not just for comfort. If you're sensitive to heat, sitting on a dark seat fabric in summertime can mean holding more heat in your body which can keep your body temperature at unhealthy levels. A light seat cover in wintertime may not be good for those with arthritis or other sensitivities to cold.

Custom seat covers that have extra padding on the lower back can offer added support. This can be crucial for drivers with back problems who find that sitting behind the wheel is painful. Extra cushioning on the seat itself can prop up smaller drivers so they can easily see without straining their neck; this can even keep them safer behind the wheel.

Heated seat covers can increase blood circulation, which in turn can mean staying warmer in winter and also relief for sore joints and muscles.

2. Resale value

The interior condition of your car is just as important as the mechanics of it, when it's time to resell it. Having a shoddy interior with worn or faded fabric can easily reduce the resale value of your car, but custom seat covers can protect the fabric from damage.

Remember that you don't need to have children or pets for your car to suffer excessive wear and tear when it comes to interior fabric; direct sunlight can fade the material and even blue jeans can transfer dyes to your car seats, leaving them with an unsightly discoloration. To protect the resale value of your car, choose custom seat covers.

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3 June 2015

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