How to Make Sure You Don't Lose Your Trailer Load


If you've just taken up a new hobby like weekend car racing, then you will be in the process of buying a trailer. You need to get used to working with this utility and will need to understand how to manoeuvre it  ensure that it is legal for use on the road. However, once you have purchased your new trailer and figured out all the aforementioned strategies, you're still not ready to go if you have forgotten one of the most important additions – the ratchet strap. What do you need to know about this relatively simple, but crucial spare part?

Getting Ready to Go

The ratchet strap is the most crucial of trailer accessories, as without it, your load could be insecure and pose a danger to others. When you use the right components and apply them properly, your load will not go anywhere and will not present you with any handling problems or cause a potential accident. You will also help to safeguard your investment.

Variable Choice

The straps come in many different shapes and sizes, but some of the most popular have a metal claw hook on each end that make them truly versatile. You can join them together or simply tie down your load at various points, and they come in a number of different lengths. Some of them have an "S" attachment instead of a claw, and they are often covered with plastic that will help to prevent damage to your trailer or the goods that you are securing.

Holding a Car

When moving a car, you can get ratchet straps that are designed to fit around each wheel. Some of these will fit around the front and rear of the wheel, while others will go around the circumference of the tyre. The latter solution helps to avoid any potential damage to suspension parts if the load should shift.

Sizing up

You may think that one size fits all and you can just buy the first set of ratchet straps that you come across. However, you do need to make some calculations first to ensure that you are on track.

Each set of straps is manufactured very carefully and is normally made from polyester. This ensures it is hard wearing and resistant to weather conditions while being soft enough to hold everything in place without causing damage. Nevertheless, each strap has a maximum breaking strength and a "lashing capacity." You need to figure out how much weight you need to secure and then determine which type of strap to buy.

So, before you think about setting off on your first trip, go back to your trailer supplier and pick up the right set of ratchet straps for your needs. For more information, contact a local trailer company like The Galvanised Trailer Company


7 September 2018

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