How to Restore the Look of Your Car's Interior


If your car runs well and looks good on the outside, but has a rundown and worn interior, you don't need to sell that vehicle and get a new one to enjoy your commute once again. Restoring the car's interior can mean a clean and fresh space that looks good and that is more comfortable, and even more enjoyable, while you're driving. Note a few tips on how to restore the look of your car's interior, no matter its age and overall condition.

Dashboard and other plastic pieces

Your car's dashboard, steering wheel, centre console, and other such pieces are usually made with a type of plastic that is mixed with vinyl or another material to make the surfaces hard but comfortable to the touch. These materials can get brittle over time, especially after being exposed to bitter cold and direct sunlight. To restore their appearance, wipe down these surfaces with a damp rag, then add some baby oil or vegetable oil to a clean rag and run this over these surfaces. Oil will help to soften these surfaces and add shine, and it will keep them from cracking or peeling over time.


A simple shampooing may not be enough to get a car's carpeting clean, so invest in a spot and stain remover and a scrub brush meant for carpeting, and use these on stubborn stains. You can also make a paste of baking soda and water and brush this into a stain, then remove it with a carpet steamer. Avoid using bleach on tough stains; try peroxide instead, as this can often get out blood and pet stains without damaging the carpet fibres. If these tricks don't get the carpets cleaned, have them replaced.


Torn seat covers can sometimes by sewn or mended by an auto restorer, or you may want to just have the seats reupholstered. This can be a better choice than even buying seat covers, which may not fit your car's seats precisely and which may slip around under you. Slipcovers also mean just covering over the car's current upholstery, which may be holding lots of ground-in dirt, pet hair, mud, food stains, and the like. New upholstery will be more hygienic and may even make your car smell better! You can also choose a fabric or material that is more comfortable for you, such as a thick and plush cotton or a soft wool that keeps you warmer during your wintertime commute.


15 December 2017

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