Changing Boats? You May Need To Change Some Trailer Parts As Well

If you just changed boats and still want to use the same trailer for transportation, you might need to carry out some adjustments first. This is important to ensure your safety, that of the boat, as well as the safety of other road users. Since every boat trailer is designed to handle a specific boat type, changing your boat will definitely require some alterations to your trailer too. Read on to see what parts you may need to purchase and adjust.

Bow chocks

Bow chocks, or v-chocks, have to match the type of boat you have. If your new boat is the exact same size or has a duplicate bow as the old one, you may not need new chocks. However, if the dimensions of the new boat are different, you will need to get a matching chock i.e. smaller or bigger chocks. This is important to ensure your boat is held snugly without wiggling about when in transit. An incorrect chock could allow the boat to surge forward and pummel into the car.

Wobble rollers

If your boat has wobble rollers, you might need to do some work on these as well. Luckily, you won’t have to purchase replacements. However, you will need to adjust their positioning to ensure the rollers are in perfect contact with the sides of your new boat. Doing so will ensure your boat doesn’t wobble. This applies if your new boat has a shorter or longer width. To make the adjustment you’ll need to purchase new yokes or tune the current ones, if adjustable.


If you are getting a larger boat, it’s good to replace the bunks as well. Bigger bunks will take the added weight better without cracking or breaking. Also, if your boat trailer has a shallow V-curve that doesn’t allow fitting of a large boat, you can install thicker bunks to correct the problem. Thicker bunks will raise the floor of the trailer and allow a larger boat to rest on it without grazing the sides.

Winch & straps

Every boat trailer winch is rated to handle a specified load capacity. If your new boat weighs less than the previous one, you can continue to use the same winch. However, if you are getting a bigger boat, check the specifications of your winch. Your winch should still be able to handle the weight load of the new boat. If not, replace the winch with a higher-rated model that has the ability to pull your heavier boat. Remember to change the straps too.

Apart from the above, consult your garage to see if you need to adjust or change your suspension. Also ask about the wheel and tyres too. Contact a business like Transtyle Trailers to check out options for spare trailer parts.

Why Buy Custom Seat Covers for Your Car? The Answers May Surprise You

Custom seat covers for a car or truck are not just about your vehicle’s overall appearance. They can actually protect your vehicle in ways you may not have considered, and even protect you. If you’ve never thought about getting custom seat covers for your car or your truck, you might note a few advantages and benefits they can offer:

1. Comfort and temperature

When the temperature gets very warm or cold outside, nothing is more uncomfortable than having to peel your skin off of a dark car seat, or slide into a very cold car and sit on what feels like a block of ice while you wait for the car to warm up. A custom seat cover in a different color can be used just for extremes in weather; you can switch to the lighter, cooler cover in summer and darker, warmer cover in winter for added comfort.

This might even be beneficial for your health and not just for comfort. If you’re sensitive to heat, sitting on a dark seat fabric in summertime can mean holding more heat in your body which can keep your body temperature at unhealthy levels. A light seat cover in wintertime may not be good for those with arthritis or other sensitivities to cold.

Custom seat covers that have extra padding on the lower back can offer added support. This can be crucial for drivers with back problems who find that sitting behind the wheel is painful. Extra cushioning on the seat itself can prop up smaller drivers so they can easily see without straining their neck; this can even keep them safer behind the wheel.

Heated seat covers can increase blood circulation, which in turn can mean staying warmer in winter and also relief for sore joints and muscles.

2. Resale value

The interior condition of your car is just as important as the mechanics of it, when it’s time to resell it. Having a shoddy interior with worn or faded fabric can easily reduce the resale value of your car, but custom seat covers can protect the fabric from damage.

Remember that you don’t need to have children or pets for your car to suffer excessive wear and tear when it comes to interior fabric; direct sunlight can fade the material and even blue jeans can transfer dyes to your car seats, leaving them with an unsightly discoloration. To protect the resale value of your car, choose custom seat covers.

To learn more, contact a company like Prestige Sheepskin.

Smartphone Stereo: How to Make the Most of the Music on Your Phone While Driving

Do you remember your very first mobile phone? Depending on how old you are, your first mobile might have been the size and weight of a brick, or it might have been a comparatively sleek little model that had an actual camera in it! Remember how revolutionary that used to be? Some 57% of the Australian population now own a smartphone, but these amazing little devices are so much more than something to make phone calls. You probably use it as a total media centre—something for communication and web browsing, as well as something to take and store photos and videos. And don’t forget the countless number of apps that have sprung up to make your life easier.

The humble MP3 player has plummeted in popularity since the rise of the smartphone, and when was the last time you bought an actual CD? The smartphone can store all your tunes, or connect you to a music streaming website where pretty much any song ever recorded can be listened to. It’s no wonder that a smartphone is a valuable tool when you’re behind the wheel, since no car ride is complete without some driving tunes. But how can you get the most out of the music on your smartphone when driving?

Listen to Music Through the Phone’s Speakers

It’s the easiest option, but also the least exciting. Your car probably has an impressive set of speakers, and if don’t take the trouble to connect to them, you might be missing out. Even the most advanced of smartphones won’t be able to play your music at a truly enjoyable volume while driving, especially when you factor in traffic noise. Listening to music via the phone’s own speakers is really only appropriate if you’re borrowing a friend’s car that doesn’t have any type of other interface.

Plugging the Phone into the Car’s Stereo

Now you’re getting there… But opting for a car stereo that requires a physical connection between itself and the playable media (which is the phone’s music files) can be annoyingly complicated. You’ll need a car charger for the phone to ensure that an extended drive won’t kill your battery. You’ll also need to ensure that your car stereo has an auxiliary port (which will be visible on the stereo dashboard) to connect the phone to. You’ll also need to buy a cable that fits your phone’s USB port, as well as the car’s auxiliary port.  The success of such a hook-up depends on the quality of your car’s speakers. If you’re feeling creative, you can also turn computer speakers into a decent car stereo.

Wireless Stereo

A bluetooth connection offers the best quality sound with a minimum of fuss. Your smartphone will sit in a cradle on your vehicle’s dashboard, and all your music will be available with a mere tap on the screen—wirelessly playing through your speakers. If you have a compatible handset, you might even be able to do everything with a voice command. There are no wires or physical connections to affect the quality of the sound, although a bluetooth car installation of this nature is not just for listening to your tunes. It also functions as a hands free car installation for regular calls – meaning you can wirelessly answer your phone calls while on the go. Your phone’s microphone will pick up your voice, and the other party will be heard through your vehicle’s speakers. A bluetooth connection can be installed in most vehicles quickly and easily—often in less than an hour.

While a wireless connection isn’t going to be the cheapest option, it will certainly be the best quality. The system is also versatile, since you’ll probably upgrade your phone before too long. One day quite soon, your current smartphone might seem like one of those old bricks. For more information, contact Gold Coast Car Audio