Camping Trailer Hitch: Your Burning Questions Answered!


Did you know that you can't use your trailer without a hitch? The hitch provides the mechanism for attaching the trailer to your vehicle, enabling you to tow it from one place to another. Essentially, your vehicle has a tow bar with a ball that connects to a socket at the end of a trailer. The term hitch thus refers to the entire towing system comprising the socket, arm, ball and tow bar. It is important to match the hitch to the vehicle you are using and the trailer you want to tow. These frequently asked questions should give you lots of knowledge on what you don't know:

What varieties of Trailer Hitches are Available in the Market?

There are different hitch configurations available in the market today. Here is a look at some them.

•    Ball Hitch: comprises a metallic ball attached to your vehicle's tow bar. Ordinarily, the size of the ball vary depending on the size of trailer you are towing. Larger balls have more material density are suit heavy towing conditions. When buying, make sure that the trailer socket is compatible with the size of the ball.

•    Bumper Frame Hitch: just as the name alludes, a bumper frame hitch is attached to the rear bumper of your vehicle. Ordinarily, most car manufacturers prefer to use light bumpers to keep a vehicle's weight in check. This means that the towing mechanism has little strength and it is unsuitable for heavy-duty towing.

•    Fifth Wheel Hitch: fifth wheel hitches are designed for heavy-duty towing. They are often used on trucks because of their strength. They are also fitted permanently on the vehicle.

What Weight Terminologies Should You Pay Attention to?

When buying a hitch, the manufacturer will give you a guideline regarding the amount of weight that the hitch system can handle.  It is important to pay attention to these weight terminologies and limitations so that you do not compromise your safety when towing the trailer. Gross trailer weight refers to the total weight that the hitch can tow when your trailer is fully packed. Additionally, weight distribution refers to how well the weight is distributed in the trailer. Even distribution of weight and luggage is elemental for safe towing.

How Do You Deal With Rust on Iron Hitches?

Iron hitches are very susceptible to rust. Thankfully, this is easy to deal with. Use a wire brush to remove loose flakes of rust hanging on the hitch. Thereafter, apply naval jelly generously and let the hitch absorb the oil for around ten minutes. Rinse the oily surface and repeat the procedure until all the rust is gone.


14 April 2017

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