How to Make Sure You Don't Lose Your Trailer Load


If you've just taken up a new hobby like weekend car racing, then you will be in the process of buying a trailer. You need to get used to working with this utility and will need to understand how to manoeuvre it  ensure that it is legal for use on the road. However, once you have purchased your new trailer and figured out all the aforementioned strategies, you're still not ready to go if you have forgotten one of the most important additions – the ratchet strap.

7 September 2018

How Exhaust Systems Are Designed


You may realise that your car's exhaust system helps to expel treated emissions created during the engine's combustion process. However, did you realise that it is composed of many different sections, each one of which has a crucial part to play in expelling these gases? Just how complex is this whole procedure? Modern Day Exhausts Many years ago, auto manufacturers designed their exhaust systems to be as efficient as possible in simply expelling the gases created when the fuel is burned.

14 April 2018