How to Restore the Look of Your Car's Interior


If your car runs well and looks good on the outside, but has a rundown and worn interior, you don't need to sell that vehicle and get a new one to enjoy your commute once again. Restoring the car's interior can mean a clean and fresh space that looks good and that is more comfortable, and even more enjoyable, while you're driving. Note a few tips on how to restore the look of your car's interior, no matter its age and overall condition.

15 December 2017

Camping Trailer Hitch: Your Burning Questions Answered!


Did you know that you can't use your trailer without a hitch? The hitch provides the mechanism for attaching the trailer to your vehicle, enabling you to tow it from one place to another. Essentially, your vehicle has a tow bar with a ball that connects to a socket at the end of a trailer. The term hitch thus refers to the entire towing system comprising the socket, arm, ball and tow bar.

14 April 2017