How to Upgrade Your Trailer for Better Performance


If you intend to spend a lot of time on the road, towing equipment from point to point, you'll want to ensure that your trailer is up to the task. You may need to cover some dirt roads as part of your adventure and will want to ensure that you can keep going without issue. Fundamentally, you need to look at the configuration of the trailer, strengthen it as needed and upgrade the moving parts. Where should you begin and how should you proceed?

Assessing Your Need

If you tow something that has considerable value by itself (such as an expensive car), you certainly want to ensure that it is kept as safe as possible on board. While your current trailer may be well-engineered, there are several aftermarket options available to you, and you should think about swapping out the axle and various suspension components.

Working Within Guidelines

Remember, you must always comply with the rules set down and ensure that your vehicle does not exceed its maximum allowable weight. This is typically calculated by adding the trailer itself to the on-board equipment or vehicle, and you always want to come underneath that critical figure.

Frame Strengthening

From a frame point of view, you can always add additional layers or "sister" bars to various points, but you should focus your attention on the axle, as this will help you to cope more effectively with stresses, strains and unmade roads.

Axle Solutions

Some trailers come equipped with a standard or overlay axle, which may be welded directly to the frame of the trailer itself. Others may be attached by separate arms (also known as a drop axle), and this can help to achieve more ground clearance. For a much smoother ride, you might want to choose an axle that has rubber suspension components, and this can certainly cut down on wear and tear and overall maintenance.


You may need to upgrade the hubs on each end of the axle with heavy-duty bearings that are designed for the purpose. Typically, the larger bearings and hubs will allow you to carry more capacity, and they also last longer from a maintenance point of view.

Spring Upgrade

You can then upgrade the leaf springs and potentially add more leaves or vary the individual thickness. Generally speaking, the more leaves, the greater the capacity, but this will also depend on the length of each leaf as well.


There are many aftermarket accessories designed to improve stability or increase towing capacity. Contact a company that sells single-axle trailers and see what they recommend for your specific case.


23 October 2020

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