All You Need To Know About Flat Top Trailers


Trailers are one of the most functional aftermarket equipment you can purchase for your truck. Ideally, the equipment increases the volume of items you can carry, reducing the need to make many trips or hire a haulage company to move your items. Flat-top trailers are popular for most car owners due to their versatility and compact design. Below is some of what you need to know about flat-top trailers. 

What Is A Flat-Top Trailer? 

A flat-top trailer refers to one that has an open bed. Some trailer designs could incorporate sides to prevent your load from falling off. There are several advantages of flat-top trailers. First, the trailers are cheaper than alternatives such as horse float trailers. Second, the trailer's design does not limit you to carrying items of a specified height. Remember, the trailer does not have an enclosure. As such, the trailer is an instant choice for people who plan to carry boats, ATVs, cars, or camping gear. Finally, the trailer's compact design makes it easy for you to store the equipment when it is not in use. For example, you could store it in your garage or storage unit or cover it and park it on your driveway. 

Considerations When Buying Top Flat Trailers

Your immediate concern when buying a flat-top trailer would be its size and payload. When determining a suitable size, assess traffic regulations and the dimensions of the items you plan to transport. For instance, the trailer's length and width should slightly exceed those of the items you plan to haul. However, they should not exceed what local traffic regulations allow. The general rule is to consider trailers with a high payload. However, do not exceed the hauling limits of your truck. Otherwise, you could be guilty of traffic offences or damage your truck's transmission. 

What features do you need on your flat-top trailer? Collapsible and removable sides keep the equipment flexible. For instance, you could install the sides when transporting soil or sand as you conduct a home renovation project. Besides, sides allow you to install a cover to protect your load. The trailer must also have hooks to install straps to secure your load. What is the trailer's ground clearance? Campers and contractors would want flat-top trailers with high ground clearance. It ensures an easy time when driving on off-road terrain. 

Finally, examine the trailer's pricing. The thumb rule is to ask for complimentary services such as free servicing, insurance and shipping. It is a sure way to bring down the trailer's asking price. For more information on flat-top trailers, contact a professional near you.


24 February 2023

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