Three Essential Tips for Keeping Your Towbar in Good Condition


If you are looking for a new towbar for your vehicle, you should be cautious and diligent in making your choice. This is crucial because the towbar is the component which provides a connection point between the vehicle and a trailer or a caravan. If the towbar is not reliable, the performance of the rig will be poor, and accidents could occur. In addition to purchasing the right towbar, you must make certain that the towbar is installed and maintained correctly. Here are some simple tips on getting the optimal results from your new towbar.

Ensure Proper Setup

The installation of the towbar will influence the performance of the new accessory. If the unit is set up by an inexperienced person, there will be a high risk of failure. The weight exerted on the towbar will cause it to deteriorate and it will eventually break or become distorted. Therefore, you should engage a specialist for installation. You can seek out a specialist through an auto shop. However, there are also convenient mobile towbar installation services.

Clean Parts Regularly

It is important to make time for cleaning on a regular basis. The towbar is not a large component, so it is often overlooked during normal housekeeping. When it is cleaned, little attention is paid to the crevices and nooks. This can lead to the accumulation of dirt on surfaces, increasing the risk of corrosion and subsequent degradation. Also, the filthy points of contacts are damaged by dirt. Therefore, invest some time into cleaning the towbar with a cloth, eliminating dirt from surfaces, housings and connections.

Conduct Inspections

You should prolong the service life of your towbar by conducting detailed inspections of the accessory. In simple terms, the assessment will allow for the identification of future causes of failure. As a result, you can repair or replace the towbar, eliminating the risk of an unexpected breakdown. You should begin the assessment by identifying points of looseness in connectors. Tighten loose parts and manage flexible joints. You should also check all the levers for integrity. In addition, check for significant rusting of the towbar, which could indicate general deterioration. Rust can be cleaned off and the affected areas painted. However, if it is a recurrent problem, you might need to plan for towbar replacement.

Finally, if you have a detachable towbar, you should consider removing it from your vehicle when you won't be using it. Store it in a safe environment to minimise the rate of wear. 


9 January 2020

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