Muffler Breaking? Here Is What To Look For In A New One


Many car enthusiasts would probably prefer if they didn't have to use mufflers, as that could significantly improve their cars' performance. Unfortunately, there are laws surrounding mufflers and the maximum noise your car should be making. If your muffler is starting to give out, you will notice an immediate uptick in the number of engine noises you start hearing, and it won't be long before this starts becoming unbearable. That means it is time to start looking for a replacement and preferably quickly — before you incur a fine.

The Basics

Mufflers basically serve two purposes: restrict the engine noise to a minimum and reduce the amount of exhaust your car gives out. Both of these are important functions and make mufflers more important than you might expect because, without a muffler, driving would be an excruciating event full of noise and smoke. It is a lot of work for a small device, which is why it is important that, when shopping for a new one, you make the right choice.


Because mufflers control the majority of the sound your car makes, many people decide on their muffler by what sound it makes. While this should certainly be part of your decision, the primary thing you should be looking at is how durable the construction of your muffler is. Corrosion resistance (particularly rustproofing) is essential when looking at mufflers because they are constantly exposed to the elements. In addition to that, look for sturdy metals and avoid mufflers that have a flimsy construction or that are too focused on either looks or sound design. You don't want to spend too much time dealing with mufflers in your time as a car owner, so make sure you get this research right to avoid having to do it again.


Your muffler isn't the only part of your exhaust system, and it should work in tandem with your cylinder head, tailpipe, catalytic converter and even a turbocharger. Not all cars have all of these, so don't stress if they sound unfamiliar to you, but the odds are high that you have at least one of them. When choosing from the myriad of different mufflers available, you should ask your chosen vendor if it will go well with your car and the other components in your exhaust system. Not all mufflers are compatible with every car, and you should be wary of that. It is not a good feeling to drop hundreds of dollars on a new piece of equipment only to find it doesn't fit in your car.

For more information, contact a muffler supplier.


8 October 2019

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